The Always Apropos GKC, on Secular Education


IT IS OBVIOUSLY most unjust that the old believer should be forbidden to teach his old beliefs, while the new believer is free to teach his new beliefs. It is obviously unfair and unreasonable that secular education should forbid one man to say a religion is true and allow another man to say it is untrue. It is obviously essential to justice that unsectarian education should cut both ways; and that if the orthodox must cut out the statement that man has a Divine origin, the materialist must cut out the statement that he has a wholly and exclusively bestial origin.

~G.K. Chesterton: “Illustrated London News,” Aug. 8, 1925


Alien Crank Cults


This tidbit from David Mills made me laugh . . .

“Two flat silver disks” were seen above the English headquarters of Scientology, the British tabloid The Sun reported and for some reason found itself threatened by the . . . trying to think of a tactful euphemism for “crank cult ­founded by a nasty human being”. . . and ­failing . . . found itself threatened by Scientology’s lawyers. The newspaper gave in: “We apologize to any alien life-forms for linking them to Scientologists.”

This is why I want to work for a tabloid when I grow up.

And it’s one of the reasons I like First Things.