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  1. Hi Leslie,
    Just read your opinion piece in the Bee. Did Trustee Ann Martini recently comment “We have child care on campus”? Before I responded online with my real name, I wanted to find out for sure where and when this quote appeared because the Board voted two years ago to close our Child Care Center at MJC and I believe the entire board voted for the closure. I happen to work in the FCS office of which we have now had two instructional programs close since that vote two ago, Culinary Arts and Interior Design (Spring 2013) and a student services program, the Wawona Child Care Center. Interior Design was saved from the first round of cuts because there was no full time faculty to lay off.
    FCS currently has an Early Care and Education program which provides a preschool or toddler experience for children but it is not child care – the children only attend for 11 weeks out of the semester for 3 hours two times a week.


    • Hi Colleen: The board policies apply to all campuses. The early education program you refer to in FCS might not technically be called “childcare,” but I was speaking generally to the issue of children possibly being on campus, and that was DeMartini’s point. However reduced such programs may be because of cuts, they still present the possibility of exposing minors to disturbing content, and are likely of concern to board members. The graphic photos DeMartini referred to were a subject of controversy at the Columbia campus.


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